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Corner wardrobe

Corner wardrobe:

Custom made corner wardrobes to maximize your bedroom and loft space.

Corner wardrobes. Our fitted corner wardrobes (also known as L shaped wardrobes) are tailor-made to suit your budget and style. Storage space is always at a premium and a corner wardrobe can help you make the most of awkward ceilings and sloping ceilings and maximise your storage space.

There is little doubt that when it comes to storage, bigger the better and our corner wardrobes and corner wardrobe solutions are perfect to get that extra space while maximizing the room. You can combine our corner wardrobes with any of our fitted wardrobe ranges to create a corner wardrobe that perfectly fits your space and matches your individual style.

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Our corner wardrobe storage solutions maintain as much of the floor area as possible and can be installed in different corners around the house. A corner wardrobe is not limited to the bedroom, but can be used in other rooms for storage.

Space saving wardrobes are essential in attic/loft conversions and due to the fact that our bespoke corner wardrobes can be built to any size they maximize the storage capacity by using shelving and racks for the most effective use of space. Our designer’s are experts at working with the constraints of smaller rooms or rooms with awkward corners and can maximize the storage capacity of any irregular shaped room/bedroom – unlike IKEA corner wardrobes they are bespoke and fit awkward spaces perfectly.

We are specialists in fitted bedroom furniture, sliding wardrobes and fitted wardrobes. Our built in wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes and corner wardrobe units can be built to any specification, finish and colour and can be unique or made to match existing bedroom furniture in style and finish.

Our bespoke corner wardrobes can be designed with a wide range of shapes and sizes. We work closely with any potential customer to find out what works best – sliding or hinged doors. All of our corner wardrobes come with soft close drawers and doors as standard.

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Simply choose a day and a time that suits you and one of our friendly and highly experienced designers will meet you in the comfort of your own home and help you choose the style of fitted bedroom furniture and accessories to suit your style and budget.

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