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Furniture for new homes

Furniture for new homes:

Furniture for new homes. Today buyers are increasingly choosing to look away from older housing and instead opt for new build properties. There are many reasons for choosing a new home. These range from energy efficiency, the ease of chain-free, lower running costs in comparison to older homes, and the option for high specifications and the introduction to fitted and bespoke furniture.

Buying a new home gives you the option of creating a custom look. Many new homes and starter homes come as a blank canvass with few architectural details and empty rooms. This gives the buyer chance to add fitted furniture to maximize space and awkward corners.

New homes are often smaller than older properties and as such the use of storage space becomes more important. As well as fitted wardrobes, under-stair storage is a popular way of maximizing space and obtaining a clutter-free home.

At Integrity Bedrooms furniture we take pride in the products we design and build, to our very exacting standards. We can offer entry-level freestanding furniture packs or fully bespoke fitted furniture packs for new homes and apartments for the discerning buyer.

Furniture packs for new homes.

We can make new items of furniture in any style, shape and size, to match existing pieces you may be taking to your new build, or we can create bespoke furniture depending on your taste and budget.

What to look for when choosing furniture for new homes:

Storage. Storage. Storage! Did we mention storage? In any new home it is important that you have ample storage which is key to achieving a clutter-free home, and one in which you feel organized.

Integrity bedrooms sliding wardrobe with Aluminium Frame Dark Sevilla Olive Mirror Gloss & Mirror Gloss

Ideas to factor in at the design stage for your new home.

Utilize Awkward Spaces:

New homes are often built to maximize the land available and these new homes are tending to have a smaller footprint and create awkward spaces. Plan in storage and utilize wasted space and you will be rewarded for years to come. Carefully selected storage and fitted furniture for new homes frequently adds value to your new home.

Integrity bedrooms interior options for sliding wardrobes wirework 16

Build Around Doors and Windows:

Features such as radiators, doors and windows can mean the loss of useful space. Clever use of awkward space such as a window seat or bespoke book cases can make your new home stand out, be more useful and of showroom quality. A home office or library can be added to even further maximize usage and space.

Beneath the Stairs Storage:

The average home does not use the space beneath the stairs to its best potential. Frequently a broom cupboard, a place to throw shoes or an overflow, or more popular – a small enclosed toilet. At Integrity Bedrooms Furniture we are experts in creating bespoke solutions for under-stairs storage and it is a popular choice by many of our customers wishing to maximize storage and potential in new homes and builds.

Furniture for new homes and VAT relief:

Are you or someone you know thinking of buying furniture for your new home? Prior to dashing out to buy wardrobes, consider the savvy option of having storage built in. Fitted furniture is not eligible for VAT relief. Storage – including wardrobes – is eligible if designed into the fabric of the building, e.g. it encloses a space bordered by the walls, ceiling and floor. Discuss this option with your builder. To be eligible for VAT relief on opening the wardrobe the painted wall must be visible. There should be no more than a single shelf and a rail for hanging clothes. For the average new build with 2 or 3 bedrooms the saving can be considerable.

An important note: You can of course adapt the storage to suit once the building is complete and at Integrity Bedrooms this is part of the service we offer. Be savvy. Be storage aware. Save money too.

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